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International Exchange And Collaboration
Joint Research Centers/Institutes
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List of Joint Research Centers / Laboratories

» Rockwell Automation-ZJU Laboratory

» Holland-ZJU Soft Soil’s Foundation Engineering Center

» ADI (Analog Devices, Incorporated)-ZJU IC Joint Lab

» Samsung Electronics-ZJU SoC (System on Chip) Lab

» ZJU-HCM (HITACHI Construction Machinery) Fluid Power Lab

» National Technical University of Ukraine (KPI)-ZJU High-Tech Center

» ZJU-Fuji Electric Innovation Center

» Joint Mitsubishi Electric-ZJU Power Devices Laboratory

» ZJU International Center for New-Structured Materials

» ZJU-Santek Joint Laboratory of Power Electronics

» ZJU-ALG (Air Liquid Group) Joint Laboratory of Oxygen-Enriched Combustion

» ZJU-LU International Centre for Laser Diagnostics in Energy Science

» UoL-ZJU International Centre for Sustainable Energy Sciences and Technologies

» ZJU-ILLINOIS International Centre for BioEnergy



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