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Li Daofei

Dr., Lecturer,
Department of Energy Engineering
Faculty of Engineering


Phone: +86 159 9001 4454
Fax: +86 571 8795 1874
Email: dfli@zju.edu.cn
Office: Institute of Power Machinery and Vehicular Engineering

Zhejiang University, Yuquan Campus
38 Zheda Road
Hangzhou, China 310027



(1)Ph.D. Shanghai Jiaotong University, supervised by Prof. Fan Yu, Vehicle Engineering, 2008;
(2)B.S. – Jilin University (formerly Jilin Univ. of Tech.), supervised by Prof. Lianzhu Zheng, Vehicle Engineering, 2003.

Working Experience

(1)2010-, Lecturer, Department of Energy Engineering, Zhejiang University;
(2)2008-2010, Post-doc Researcher, the State Key Laboratory of Fluid Power Transmission and Control, College of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Zhejiang University;

Awards and Honors

(1)Top Grade Award (as group advisor), "Design for Energy-saving and Emission Reduction, National Contest for College Students", organized by Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Sept. 2009.

Research Interests

(1)Vehicle Dynamics and Control;
(2)Driver-Vehicle Interaction;
(3)Hybrid Pneumatic Engine (regenerative braking control);
(4)Electric Vehicle: Energy Management and Control Design;

Current Projects

(1) 2010-2015. Hybrid Pneumatic Engine: Control Design and Simulation
(2) 2009-2011. Electric Vehicle Development: Power Matching and Simulation.
(3) 2009-2011. Powertrain Development for Off-Road Vehicles.
(4) 2008-2011. Integrated Design Package for Chassis Design.
(5) 2008-2011. Electronic Stability Control Algorithm

Publication List

Selected Publications
(1) Daofei Li and Xiaoli Yu. Automotive Control System: for Engine, Driveline and Vehicle. Higher Education Press, 2010. (Translated version in Chinese, originally by U. Kiencke and L. Nielsen, Springer 2005).
(2) Daofei Li and Xiaoli Yu. Optimal Tyre Force Distribution in Integrated Chassis Control, 21st Int. Symp. on Dynamics of Vehicles on Road and Tracks(IAVSD21), KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, Aug. 12-21, 2009.
(3) Daofei Li, Shangqian Du, and Fan Yu. Integrated Vehicle Chassis Control Based on DYC, Active Steering and Roll Moment Distribution. Vehicle System Dynamics, 2008, 46:341-351.
(4) Daofei Li, Xiaoming Shen, and Fan Yu. Integrated Vehicle Chassis Control with Main /Servo-Loop Structure. Int. J. of Automotive Technology, 2006, 7(7):803–812.
(5) Daofei Li and Fan Yu. Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Controller Design Based on Optimimum Tire Force Distribution, J. Shanghai Jiaotong University(in Chinese), 42(6), 887-891,2008.
(6) F. Yu and Daofei Li. Review on Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Control. Transactions Of The Chinese Society For Agricultural Machinery(in Chinese, Invited Review), 2008, 39(6): 1-7.
(7) Daofei Li, et. A Top-Down Integration Approach to Vehicle Stability Control. IEEE Conference on Vehicle Electronics and Safety, Beijing, China, December 12-14, 2007.
(8) Daofei Li and Fan Yu. A Novel Integrated Vehicle Chassis Controller Coordinating Direct Yaw Moment Control and Active Steering. SAE Paper No. 2007-01-3642, 2007.
(9) Daofei Li, Xiaoming Shen, and Fan Yu. Study on the Chassis Control Integration Based on Tyre Slip Ratio Regulation and Active Steering Control. FISITA Congress 2006, Yokohoma, Japan, F2006V177, 2006.
(10) Xiaoming Shen, Daofei Li, and Fan Yu. Study on Vehicle Chassis Control Integration Based on General Actuator-Plant Structure. Proc. AVEC'2006, 8th Int. Symp. on Advanced Vehicle Control, Taipei, Taiwan, August 20-24, 2006, AVEC060226.
(11) Bin Li, Daofei Li, and Fan Yu. Vehicle Yaw Stability Control Using the Fuzzy-Logic Controller. IEEE Conference on Vehicle Electronics and Safety, Beijing, China, December 12-14, 2007.
(12) Fan Yu, Daofei Li, David A. Crolla. Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Control - State-of-the-art Review. IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (IEEE VPPC2008 Keynote Speech,), September 3-5, 2008, Harbin, China.


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